WSG Sonic Anemometer


The WSG gonioanemometric transducer is an ultrasonic wind sensor without moving parts. It is distinguished by its sturdiness and low cost. This 2-axis ultrasonic wind sensor requires no maintenance, a factor that makes it a veritable lowcost alternative to the traditional sensors equipped with vanes or propellers, with all the benefits of ultrasound technology. Since it has no moving parts, it is ideal for use in adverse weather conditions.
WSG is able to provide wind velocity and direction data through one serial output or two analogue outputs. In order to confirm proper operation, the outputs are jointly transmitted to a string with an instrumentation status code. WSG was designed with a corrosion-proof polycarbonate structure that also makes it very lightweight and easy to transport.

WSG measures the time an ultrasonic pulse takes to travel from the north transducer to the south transducer, and compares it with the time necessary for a pulse to travel in the opposite direction, that is to say, from the south transducer to the north transducer. The times are compared in the same way between the west and east transducers. The wind velocity and direction can be calculated by the differences in flight time on each axis. This calculation is independent from factors such as temperature and humidity.

- Construction materials:
This sensor is designed with a corrosion-proof polycarbonate structure that makes it very lightweight and easy to transport. With a true solid-state construction, WSG can be used in harsh environmental conditions without fear of damages often associated with cup or propeller sensors. WSG is suitable for a wide range of wind monitoring applications and is particularly appropriate for marine and offshore use (ships, buoys, beacons), as well as for land installations. With its exterior made of corrosion-proof material and with no moving parts, this ultrasonic wind sensor eliminates the need for costly on-site maintenance, especially in remote and hard to access stations.
- Easy maintenance:
Owing to its measurement principle that requires no moving mechanical parts, a Sonic Anemometric sensor is less subject to malfunctions and the replacement of components than its mechanical competitors.
- Sturdy and reliable construction:
lastly makes it an instrument with a long lifetime, which safeguards the customer’s investment. The instrument does not drift due to aging and requires no periodic calibrations.

Generally speaking, wind reading instruments have to be able to take measurements of the wind conditions in a vast area.
In order to get a good reading of the velocity of the horizontal component of wind motion, the device has to be installed in an area free of obstacles for at least 10 metres.
Free area means that the transducer must be placed at least 10 times the height of the closest obstacle. If this is not possible, the sensor must be installed at a height such that the nearby obstacles do not affect the measurement of the wind velocity taken. The transducer must be place in the centre of any vegetation at the site, and not on one side. This is to prevent privileged directions from being created in the reading. The sensor must be secured in a perfectly horizontal position, ensured using a spirit level, to prevent water from seeping into the instrument. Lastly, in view of its construction and principle of measurement, it is totally maintenance-free.

Sensor type (WV): Ultrasonic measurement device
Measurement range: 0-60 m/s
Accuracy ± 2% @ 12 m/s
Output: Various options RS232, SDI12, etc.
Operative temperature: -35°C ... + 70°C

Sensor type (WD): Ultrasonic measurement device
Measurement: 0-359°C
Accuracy: ± 2% @ 12 m/s
Output: Various options RS232, SDI12, etc.
Operative temperature: -35°C ... + 70°C

Monitored Parameters:

  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Hazards:

  • Storm surge
  • ✓ Relevant to the EWSS


    Minimum Quantity : 1


    Sensor Properties
    Accuracy (error of the measurements) Unit of measurement Data Refresh Time (mins) Wi-Fi Connection 4G Connection External Power Supply Documentation
    ± 2% @ 12 m/s Wind velocity: m/s; Wind direction: degrees None False False True See available docs for WSG Sonic Anemometer
    Reference Partners Project Name Project Year Reference Paper Minimum Purchase Spatial Density
    MBI srl None Not available 1 None
    Purchase operations complexity Assembly/Calibration Operations Complexity Deployment operation Complexity Deployment Cost Data Analysis Operations Complexity
    Easy Neutral Low Easy
    Citizen Science Activities Complexity Assembly Public Involvement Deployment Public Involvement Data analysis Public Involvement Target Users
    Easy Limited Limited Limited Local groups; local authorities

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