Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) + sensors


The Point Organge IOT is a battery- and mains-powered Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) widely used in the water industry with the ability to connect multiple sensors simultaneously. It provides remote monitoring of up to 5 programmable sensors (e.g, pressure level sensor, rain gauge, muilti-parameter soil sensor).

Monitored Parameters:

  • Water levels
  • Precipitation
  • Soil Moisture
  • Water Quality
  • Hazards:

  • Droughts and heat waves
  • Land and river flooding
  • ✓ Relevant to WP3 models ✓ Relevant to the EWSS


    Minimum Quantity : 1


    Sensor Properties
    Accuracy (error of the measurements) Unit of measurement Data Refresh Time (mins) Wi-Fi Connection 4G Connection External Power Supply Documentation
    water level <±0.15%, <±0.10%, <±0.06%; rain gauge +/-5 %; volumetric water content ± 0.03 m3.m-3 (3%) water level m, volumetric water content m3.m-3 15 False True False See available docs for Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) + sensors
    Reference Partners Project Name Project Year Reference Paper Minimum Purchase Spatial Density
    UCD Metasphere 2019 Reference paper 1 None
    Purchase operations complexity Assembly/Calibration Operations Complexity Deployment operation Complexity Deployment Cost Data Analysis Operations Complexity
    Easy Difficult Medium Easy
    Citizen Science Activities Complexity Assembly Public Involvement Deployment Public Involvement Data analysis Public Involvement Target Users
    Neutral Offers a user-friendly plug and play solution that minimises the complexity and effort required for installation and setup. This lets users quickly and easily connect multiple sensors without the need for extensive technical expertise. Limited - Requires deployment of the battery and mains-powered Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) in the water industry. Collaboration will be needed to identify suitable deployment sites and ensure the successful installation. Engagement from the public, researchers, and relevant organizations would be encouraged. Medium - There will be opportunities for public involvement to view and contribute to analyzed data through designated platforms such as Excel. Skilled analysts would first need to discuss with stakeholders to analyze the data using advanced analytical techniques and tools. local communities; local authorities

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