PTZ Camera


The camera allows the acquisition of images thanks to the conversion of light intensity into variations of electric current. The light radiation passes through the lens (optics/objective) and is captured by the sensor, which transmits it to the processor. This processes and adapts it according to the desired dimensions and characteristics by defining the resolution of the image. The mobile sensor, thanks to the movements made via remote control, allows the acquisition of images from different preset angles. The sequence of high-resolution images, acquired at a pre-established shooting speed, is made available for display tools, data loggers and for control systems. The instrument is built in such a way as to satisfy the requirements of reliability, sturdiness and operating safety even in unfavorable environmental conditions.

- Construction materials:
The external parts of the instrument are made of anti-corrosion materials resistant to rain, wind and sun.

- Easy maintenance:
The advantages offered by the PTZ camera are not limited to accuracy, but also include simplicity and speed of maintenance. The maintenance activities, after an installation according to specifications, consist exclusively of a periodic check to clean the optics from any deposited dirt.

- Sturdy and reliable construction:
The mobile PTZ camera thanks to its optical zoom is able to detect the light intensity from considerable distances, operating in a wide range of light or weather conditions as it is resistant to water, dust as well as vandalism (IP66, IK10). The waterproof structure and the fixing elements make the camera a long-lasting tool, safeguarding the customer's investment.

In order to obtain a good detection of the images, the installation of the video camera is carried out in an area characterized by a view free from obstacles for a suitable distance according to the area to be monitored.

Image Sensor: Various sensors are available depending on the model chosen
Shutter Speed: 1/1 s to 1/30000 s
Illumination: Up to 250m
Video resolution: 4K
Communication interface: 1 RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet port
Protection: IP66 IK10 TVS 6000V
Power supply: From 220Vac or solar panel

Monitored Parameters:

  • Shoreline
  • Hazards:

  • Coastal erosion
  • Coastal flooding
  • Land and river flooding
  • Landslide
  • Storm surge
  • €2,625.00

    Minimum Quantity : 1


    Sensor Properties
    Accuracy (error of the measurements) Unit of measurement Data Refresh Time (mins) Wi-Fi Connection 4G Connection External Power Supply Documentation
    n/a n/a None False False True See available docs for PTZ Camera
    Reference Partners Project Name Project Year Reference Paper Minimum Purchase Spatial Density
    MBI srl None Not available 1 None
    Purchase operations complexity Assembly/Calibration Operations Complexity Deployment operation Complexity Deployment Cost Data Analysis Operations Complexity
    Very easy Easy Low Easy
    Citizen Science Activities Complexity Assembly Public Involvement Deployment Public Involvement Data analysis Public Involvement Target Users
    Easy Limited Limited Limited Single citizens; local groups; local authorities

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