BP260 Pressure Sensor


Operation of the liquid-free aneroid barometers is based on the balance between the pressure exercised by the atmosphere and the elastic forces developed by bodies with a specially studied geometry, whose changes in shape translate into a elastic action that counterbalances the atmospheric action.

The extent of this deformation, converted into an electric signal and properly amplified, represents the value of the atmospheric pressure. The sensitive element of the BP260 barometer is a semiconductor whose resistance varies based on the atmospheric pressure; corresponding to this change is a change in direct voltage, therefore representing the electrical output of the sensor.

- Maintenance Free Sensor:
The sensor in question requires no periodic maintenance; it may nevertheless be advisable to check its state and, if necessary, occasionally clean it.
- Sturdy and reliable construction:
It makes it an instrument with a long lifetime, which safeguards the customer’s investment. The instrument does not drift due to aging and requires no periodic calibrations.

The instrument is place on an adequate support (station post) without any particular requirement. It is advisable to check the calibration once a year and to clean the bronze filter protecting the air inlet. The instrument is equipped with fast semiconductor devices for protection from electric discharges induced on the connection cables.
The sensor perfectly meets the WMO recommendations in terms of principle of measurement, structure and performance.

Range of measurement: 600-1060 hPa
Precision: ±0,5 hPa
Repeatability: ±0,1 hPa
Linearity: ≤0,2 hPa
Output: 10,87 mV/hPa
Power supply: 10-30 Vdc
Power: < 120 mW
Operating temperature: -30°C – 50°C
Storage temperature: -40°C – 70°C

Monitored Parameters:

  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Hazards:

  • Storm surge
  • ✓ Relevant to the EWSS


    Minimum Quantity : 1


    Sensor Properties
    Accuracy (error of the measurements) Unit of measurement Data Refresh Time (mins) Wi-Fi Connection 4G Connection External Power Supply Documentation
    ±0,5 hPa 10,87 mV/hPa None False False True See available docs for BP260 Pressure Sensor
    Reference Partners Project Name Project Year Reference Paper Minimum Purchase Spatial Density
    MBI srl None Not available 1 None
    Purchase operations complexity Assembly/Calibration Operations Complexity Deployment operation Complexity Deployment Cost Data Analysis Operations Complexity
    Easy Neutral Low Easy
    Citizen Science Activities Complexity Assembly Public Involvement Deployment Public Involvement Data analysis Public Involvement Target Users
    Easy Limited Limited Limited Single citizens; local groups; local authorities

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